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Happy Anniversary

Today marks the anniversary of the day Ed and I married. With each year, our lives have been woven more tightly together. We've shared some incredible high points and held each other close through some very difficult moments. We've watched each other grow as individuals and ourselves grow as a couple.

It is this complexity, this richness, this history that I missed when my first marriage unaveled. Falling in love is grand, but it doesn't hold a candle to feeling love from and for a partner who is part of your life's fabric, someone who knows you.

It doesn't hurt that my Ed is a handsome, highly talented man with a deep and comforting voice and a vibrant love of life and living. But what makes our relationship so great, I think, is our shared willingness to see our many differences and disgreements as stepping stones to a fuller life, rather than a threat to life as we knew it before we met.

All we have to do is expect love and assume love, instead of always testing love.


Belated Happy Anniversary! DId you go out for Mexican food to celebrate? We were pleased to have been there to see you married and are happy to hear it gets better all the time.

No, we chose the deck at Houlihan's this year, where we could enjoy the sunset.

I just found your blog. I'm working on a post called "Assumptions Of Love" and was hoping to find some kind of photo from google.images to add. There up pops your blog. Assume Love. That is the lesson the Lord has been teaching me lately - not so much for my husband (albeit a great application!), but rather as I'm relating with and 'approaching' God.

I'll have to come back again and read further!!

Yours is a wonderful post, Tami. Teaching your daughter to Assume Love is a wonderful idea, and so is assuming God's love, instead of those negative feelings. I hope my readers will visit your blog.

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