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Strengthen Your Marriage for the Kids

Got alerted to some interesting new research from the University of Illinois today, thanks to HealthDay. Between the ages of 4 1/2 and 6 1/2, your kids are learning to focus and persist at frustrating tasks. If they learn well, school is a lot easier. So is the rest of life, in my experience.

Depressed fathers tend to withdraw. If they are depressed when their kids are this age, the kids have a harder time developing this life-easing character strength, UNLESS...

Their dad has a high level of emotional intimacy with his wife.

So, dad, please Assume Love, Expect Love, and Find Third Alternatives now.

More on this study by Jennifer M. Engle and Nancy L. McElwain via press release and the journal Developmental Psychology.


The greatest gift a dad can give to their children is to love their mother. Thank you for this.

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