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Emotional Abuse Boot Camp by Webinar

Emotional abuse is a serious problem in any marriage, whether you're dishing it out or taking it. Dr. Steven Stosny developed a unique and highly effective way to help both the abusers and the abused. Until now, if you wanted to learn it, you had to get yourself to Maryland or hope he took his Boot Camp on the road to a city near you.

I just received an announcement from him today of a Love without Hurt Boot Camp Webinar. This is not the typical recorded 60 minutes. It's a live boot camp with him, just like his 3-day events in Maryland, that you can attend from your own home. It's May 5 and 6 (a weekend), with the third day on the following Saturday, May 12.

He will even allow you to submit your questions in advance and hear your answers when you listen to the recordings at your convenience, but I am going to strongly urge you to participate live and do all the exercises he gives you between sessions. What he teaches will likely change your life, no matter which side of the abuse you're on, even if your spouse walks out on your marriage.

Dr. Stosny teaches compassion, so you can be pretty sure he won't be shaming either of you. Instead, he will teach you a technique you can use whenever you're angry or full of resentment.

From his announcement today:

The Boot Camp produces dramatic change in a short time for those who do the work. The tone is healing, not accusatory, compassionate not blaming, valuing not devaluing, and, most of all, empowering.

I have no personal connection with Dr. Stosny and receive nothing from him for letting you know about his boot camp. I share it with you because I care about you and because I have heard him speak, read what he's written, purchased one of his audio courses, and seen his follow-up study. I think the opportunity to do this boot camp by webinar is a great opportunity at a very low price. It's also a great way to do it in private if your spouse is at all hesitant.

You can watch a video of one of his Oprah appearances, take his Walking on Eggshells quiz, and learn more about the boot camp on Dr. Stosny's CompassionPower website.

Please note that the webinar version of the boot camp is for emotional abuse only. If you are dishing out or receiving any physical abuse, I hope you will watch for the in-person version, his private boot camps, and his phone consultations.


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