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Articles from December 2020

December 25, 2020

My Second Journal: Loved

My second of three journals has been published. This one is for anyone feeling disappointed or frustrated by their husband or wife. Are your needs going unmet? Do you feel you're trying harder than your spouse? Are you carrying too much of the load in your marriage? Did you expect a gift you did not get? Loved: A Journal to Bring Joy to Any Marriage with Dashed Expectations and Unmet Needs is for you. I want you to enjoy being married!


Loved includes helpful worksheets and easy-to-follow instructions for getting your needs met without nagging or snarling, so you feel more open to love. It includes tips for recognizing love in its many forms and a one-year journal for paying attention to the increasing love you are receiving from the wonderful but human person you married.

This is your journal, the details of some wonderful changes to your marriage, so I left my name off the cover. You also will not find any promotional nonsense on the back. This is your book, your story of feeling more loved. I hope you will buy yourself a copy or give one to someone who needs it.

The links above are Amazon Affiliate links that provide a tiny extra payment to help fund this blog. If you prefer to purchase through Amazon Smile, to give that money to your favorite charity instead, just search for Patty Newbold Loved once you're logged in there. Indie bookstores do not yet carry Loved because their book distribution system no longer handles journals.

My first Enjoy Being Married journal was Agreed: A Journal to Bring Joy to Any Marriage with Too Many Disagreements. You might enjoy it, too.

Both books really need some honest reviews on Amazon. I would be thrilled if you left one after buying either book.

December 18, 2020

Why Be Married? To Be More You

The other day, I was watching a young woman in my neighborhood. She was obviously on inline skates for the first time ever: wobbling badly, wearing a helmet, and displaying that perfect mixture of fear and joy on her face and in the wonderful sounds she was making.

Her mate was running beside her, keeping up, providing a supportive hand on her forearm and calling out plenty of coaching tips. And she was trying something new, learning new skills, feeling safe while taking a risk that would be hard to take without a devoted companion with different talents from her own.

To me, this opportunity to risk a bit more, to explore things we might find exciting, to find out what delights us even if it frightens us, is one of the things that make having a trusting relationship with another human being so wonderful.

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