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Articles from October 2010

October 31, 2010

And the Kindle Winner Is...

Rachel Cornell has won the Kindle I offered to the Enjoy Being Married newsletter subscriber who could add the most new subscribers during the month of October. She recruited more than the next two runners-up combined!

Rachel was highly motivated. She wrote a blog post explaining why; With Kindle, Legally Blind Can READ (I Want One)! In it, she wrote:

"A lot has changed since I broke the spines on new books and tore the pages out. My computer talks emails, reads PDF files and ebooks out loud to me. I download audio books from the library right to my large-type blackberry. I give my blackberry voice commands. All this is a thrill, but nothing can compare to my excitement in the possibility of being able to have a WHOLE BOOKSTORE nearly completely accessible to me, in real time."

I am so glad to put this Kindle in her hands.

Rachel is known as the ProNagger, "Guaranteed to get you working on your book, blog, business, art, website, relationship, PR, health, future. I'm blind but I see thru your stuff."

She is not just an Enjoy Being Married newsletter subscriber and frequest teleclass participant; she is also my get-it-done coach. I highly recommend her Daily-Nag service. In just a few minutes a day, she got my rear end in gear and had me feeling great about accomplishing a tough goal. This Monday, November 1st, Rachel's launching a free "HabitBuilders" beta group, sure to be another huge success.

The two runners-up, each of whom also recruited quite a few new subscribers for the Enjoy Being Married newsletter, received a $10 Amazon gift certificate, so they can read some Kindle books on their PCs. In second place was Sara Shick of Pennsylvania, and close behind her was Cathy Haskins of New York.

To Rachel, Sara, and Cathy, and to all the other Enjoy Being Married subscribers who helped grow our mailing list, a big, big thank you! I am very glad I reached out to my subscribers instead of buying advertising, and I welcome all the new subscribers to attend some of our free teleclasses on how to enjoy being married. What a great group!

October 26, 2010

Marriage Central: Singapore Supports Its Marriages

A news report that 98% of couples in the island nation of Singapore are satisfied with their marriages sent me to a remarkable website, Marriage Central.

Singapore is home to 5 million people, making it a little smaller than the Philadelphia region where I live. They speak many languages, come from many parts of the globe, and practice many religions. And lots of them, apparently, reach out for help keeping their marriages strong.

Two thousand attend an annual two-day Marriage Convention. Two thousand attended this year's Real Love Works picnic, too. There is a section in the public library for marriage resources. And there are workshops in several languages for those planning a wedding or looking to make their marriage stronger.

Take a look! It's a great resource.

October 21, 2010

What is Love?

What is love? Many think love is that euphoric feeling you get when everything seems perfect between the two of you and you know you want to spend your lives together.

Some folks will tell you this feeling we call love is fleeting and will not last. They offer two solutions. One group says move on and fall in love again with someone new: split up, divorce, have an affair. The other says forget this euphoric type of love and seek mature love. Mature love, they say, means making deposits in an emotional bank account so that you can make later withdrawals.

I think both are wrong. This euphoria is not love. It is a symptom of love, an effect. And because it is, you can have it back at any time.

The formula is simple. One part outpouring of loving acts, enough to make you feel good about the sort of person you are, and one part total openness to receiving love without the limitations of your expectations. In other words, it requires tearing up the account book for that emotional bank account. You are owed nothing, absolutely nothing, but you pay wide-eyed attention to how much you receive anyway. You earn no credit for your deposits, but you make them anyway to feel good about the person you are and to see yourself reflected in your spouse's eyes. Just like when you fell in love with a stranger, only now it's with someone who shares your history, your family, your fortunes, your precious memories.

October 4, 2010

Women Outearning their Husbands

The recession hit men's jobs harder than women's. As a result, a trend we were already experiencing increased even faster. Wives found themselves the main — or only — income earners for their families. And many men found themselves in the awkward or happy position of being provided for, perhaps for the first time since they left home.

Did it happen in your home?

We see ourselves and our mates differently when the rules change, but differently need not mean negatively. Keep looking for every opportunity for gratitude. It will strengthen your marriage. Unmarried women need to work, too; pay close attention to the non-financial blessings of having a mate when the weight on your shoulders feels heavy. All men find it tough to be out of work or earning less; when you feel frustrated, take note of how much easier life is with a partner and how many other reasons your wife has to respect the man she married.

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